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Hanel Lozano, 18, of Bellflower Killed in Rollover Crash in La Palma

On The Corner La Palma And Valley View There Will Be A Candle Light Vigil At 7:00 pm…R.I.P My Friend Hanel Lozano

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As long as you’re willing to love, you’re alright in my book <3

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No H8


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Be whoever the fuck you wanna be~

Don’t care who you love,’cause love is for everyone no matter what gender. :3 You’re all beautiful to me~

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GLEE TRIBUTE; three years later

(Info, details and long description nobody cares about, under the video on Youtube). This video is less a celebration of Glee as a tvshow, like the first video was, and more a “proud mama moment” for these amazing and talented people.

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